I joined CASI App about seven months ago, never thought that one really would see such quick response. I was in Cradle Stone Mall which is a very big area to cover. I accidentally pushed the button on my phone without my knowing. Blissfully unaware I carried on shopping whilst my phone was ringing. Needless […]

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CASI Wireless Button

CASI button – Powered by Flic Elegant & Efficient Simplistic wireless control for your smartphone.      The CASI battery can last between 18-24 months. Extended battery life is dependant on usage. However, the button itself is durable and can last for years, simply replace the battery. Due to the external coating of the buttons, […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Who manages the system and make sure I am safe? CASI has a 24 hour control room that monitors all panics and assist with any emergencies. Our control room is fully SAIDSA compliant and are well equipped to assist you in any emergency. They can also dispatch a responder even though you are not […]

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The CASI Security Initiative is the all new personalised security app that comes with the country’s first mobile panic button and country-wide coverage. Personal security can be extended through our integrated security services. To access the security feature, users download the CASI app on their smartphones so that it can sync with their GPS location […]

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