Frequently Asked Questions

How does Casi Work?

In the event of an emergency:

  1. User activates the panic via the Casi-app or using a Bluetooth linked button
  2. The alert (together with the user location coordinates) is sent to the 5 closest response vehicles
  3. The Casi control room makes contact with the user to verify the panic and conveys additional information to the responder or cancels the panic.
  4. On accepting the alert via the Casi dispatch platform the responder is navigated to the incident location and key user detail is shared.
  5. The Casi control room oversees the process to share information or to dispatch additional resources i.e. SAPS or medical services



Who manages the system and makes sure I am safe?

CASI has a 24 hour control room that monitors all panics and assists with any emergencies.


How many responders does CASI have?

CASI endeavours to always offer the best quality service and response. This will in most cases mean that more than one responder will respond to a panic to ensure the safety of our clients.


CASI is a rapid growing initiative with new responders signing up every day. With our current partners we have direct access of 1500 armed responders.


Will users be covered on a national basis?

The Casi response network (together with the SAPS in areas where no response companies operate) facilitates panic assistance on a national basis throughout South Africa. We are currently in the process of extending the service to neighboring African countries.


Will I have to pay for any response to a panic?

There is no additional cost for the user for armed response. The cost of response is covered by the monthly subscription. Casi covers all other cost.



What makes CASI different from other security initiatives?

CASI is not just an app relying on friends and family to respond. CASI has formal agreements in place with our partners to ensure that they respond to any emergency.

We have a dedicated control room to assist you with any emergency.

CASI offers extensions to a wireless button, smart watches and home screen views.

We perform advanced tracking instead of just mapping the point of origin.


How does the payment work?

The payment is done by means of a cheque/credit card. On registration you will be requested to enter your credit card details. This Process is 100% PCI compliant and approved by Visa and Mastercard. You can email to arrange EFT.

Can I register online?

Yes you can follow on of the following links to register online:

Are the security responders armed?

Yes, all responders are PSIRA registered and armed for a response


Can you track my location even when a panic is not activated?

No CASI does not track anyone when they are not in a panic state.


Who attends to alerts outside of safe zones?

CASI Will assist through the dispatching of public services to you your emergency (SAPS)


Will I be able to register if I don’t have a credit card?

Yes, you can contact for an annual/bi-annual EFT subscription which would allow you to access the service.


Why should I add a passphrase?

The passphrase feature  provides added security when verifying that the alerter is the same person as the account holder. The control room asks for the passphrase before closing any active panic.


What is the difference between a rapid response zone and a manual response zone?

The Rapid Response Zone means that armed responders will be able to assist in a fast and effective manner. These zones are highlighted where CASI has a strong responder footprint that gets automatically dispatched on receiving a panic. You can zoom out of the map on your CASI app to gain full view of the zones around you.

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