CASI Wireless Button

CASI button – Powered by Flic

Elegant & Efficient

Simplistic wireless control for your smartphone.   


  • The CASI battery can last between 18-24 months. Extended battery life is dependant on usage. However, the button itself is durable and can last for years, simply replace the battery.
  • Due to the external coating of the buttons, they are durable against most weather conditions
  • The button comes with a sticky back to allow our users to have it in the car or any accessible surface in the house. To renew the sticking ability, simply rinse the button in water.
  • A detachable clip is provided at the base of the packaging.
  • To sync the button with the CASI App, a bluetooth connection needs to be established. This allows users to initiate an alert from up to 35 meters away from their mobile device.
  • Price tag – R500 (Vat Inclusive)


After completing the registration process, click on the top left menu option. Select “Add CASI button” (Bluetooth connection must be established) .The last step is to add your button by clicking on the plus sign shown below.


It is always very important to test your button to make sure that it is working. Click the button once, to see if you have activated it successfully.

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