I joined CASI App about seven months ago, never thought that one really would see such quick response. I was in Cradle Stone Mall which is a very big area to cover. I accidentally pushed the button on my phone without my knowing. Blissfully unaware I carried on shopping whilst my phone was ringing. Needless to say, because of the noise in the mall i did not hear it. Suddenly a responder from Interactive Security, approached me and asked me if everything is in order. They received my panic with my exact GPS location. He furthermore informed me of the time CASI head quarters tried to phone. The response REALLY between 3-5 minutes. I couldn’t believe it but now i feel very very safe with my CASI App and I definitely recommend it to everybody! The response was EXCELLENT!!!! – Danie Smith

Awesome App!!! Feel super safe with CASI with me!!! – Nandi van Heerden

So impressed. I have piece of mind now having this! – Belinda Leigh Richards

CASI APP has a uniqueness like no other. With a response time of under a minute! – Mark Rousseau

We had a positive CASI App panic this morning in Suiderkruis Street. This suspect stole a phone out of a vehicle in front of our client’s premises. Our client pressed the CASI App button on their phone and Five “O” arrived on scene within 1 minute. Suspect has been taken in for profiling. – Divergent OPS (Nelspruit)

Tested the CASI App. Responder on scene within a minute. This is definitely a must have!!! – Mc Donald Shechaba Lelaka

Divergent Ops! WOW WOW WOW you guys are great!!!!!! I accidently pressed my CASI Panic Button and responder arrived within 5 minutes. You guys are GREAT!!! – Anonymous

Hi guys, I have to get used to attaching my CASI button. I had a false alarm but I am so very impressed. CASI control room phoned me within seconds and explained the situation to me. They then informed that a responder is enroute and that he will be able to help cancel the panic. The armed responder was at my gate in less than 5 minutes. I am truly grateful to have CASI. Well done and keep up the good work. I recommend this to everybody! – Karen

I would just like to tell you that I am very impressed with my CASI button and Divergent Ops. I was at my dads house and when I left I gave my granddaughter a hug and triggered the button. I left there and wasn’t aware that I did it.The next moment Divergent Ops were behind my car and stopped me to ask me if I am okay.This is absolutely awesome.Jacques as well as a second car with his people.I am seriously impress with them.Thank you for the great service – Anonymous




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