CASI Overview

What is CASI?

CASI is a peer to peer mobile security solution.CASI is a mobile panic button that can be activated anywhere, anytime. What this entails is that CASI is not linked to any specific security organisation but rather to many. The responding company will be the one best located to react to a panic. CASI is a neutral system and doesn’t favor any security company.  

South Africa has over 9 000 security companies and CASI is aiming to join these forces as a neutral system with an aim to address crime.

South African Crime stats have proven that you are three times more likely to be attacked or a victim of crime. Security companies are not positioned with current technology to address this issue. CASI believes that with new mobile technology we can play a part in relieving communities of this terror.


How does CASI Work?

CASI works on a very basic principle. The app has one sole purpose, to activate a panic when the users feel threatened. This panic can be activated from a variety of sources, The app itself or a CASI button.

As soon as the panic has been activated the panic will be sent to the following

1.The five nearests responders

2.CASI’s Centralised control room

3.All the security Partner’s Control rooms in the area

This ensures that CASI informs all relevant parties and has multiple failovers for the protection of our clients.

All control room staff and responders are registered with PSIRA and vetted before they are allowed to participate on CASI. CASI also requires random drug tests on all parties involved.

CASI users pay a Monthly fee of R35/month for access to the service. The user can also purchase a wireless panic button at the additional cost of R500.00.


Why is CASI Different?

CASI is this first in the industry with a few unique positions in terms of approach and technology:

1.CASI is the first Neutral security solution in SA

2.CASI is the first Mobile panic button that offers a wireless button (for when you cannot access your phone) as well as extendability to wearables.

3.CASI is the first panic button that automatically dispatches responders based on an algorithm that calculates who the best positioned responder is.

What does CASI look like?

 The App:                                                                    The Button:



How do you get CASI?

CASI can be downloaded from the Apple app store and Google Play store. The registration and testing process is within the app.

For any further enquiries please contact support@casi-­​ or visit our website for more information

The CASI Footprint

With new response companies becoming part of the CASI initiative we are soon be be the largest response network in the country.